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Silly name, serious food

Schmidt's & Jiggles

Multi-culti cuisine

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Schmidt’s & Jiggle’s is a new foodtruck company with a silly name, but amazing food. Their menu is a diverse collection of dishes from various cultures – from Japanese pot stickers to Thai tacos and Hawaiian sliders. They primarily operate out of Starkville, MS and are always at the local food truck events and are also available for catering.

They needed a playful logo that didn’t lean towards any specific food items like burgers or meatballs or tacos – but instead wanted something that could feel at home no matter what their menu looked like at the time. We worked together to come up with a logo that would work on the side of their food truck, but was simple enough to also work on t-shirts, stickers, and anything else that they may use to promote their food business.


    Schmidt's & Jiggles

  • DATE:

    August 2019


    Logo Design