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Jonesy Q
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Jonesy Q BBQ Trailer

Fully 3d-designed trailer wrap for the ultimate realistic appearance.

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This customer had seen various Photoshop jobs on the internet of 18-wheeler trailers and cooking trailers that appeared 3-dimensional from a specific angle. He had a cooking tournament in Memphis in one month and needed something special for his barbecue trailer to help him stand out.

I used Cinema 4d for the 3d modeling along with some software to generate the particles for the smoke and the flying wood chips. Real photographs were used as texture where possible to make it as hyper-realistic as possible. It took several weeks of modeling and texturing before we agreed on the final design.

I ended up having to use a render farm to render the final images that would be printed and installed on the trailer because of the time crunch – but the end result was 1:1 scale images for maximum clarity and a trailer that blew anything else at the Memphis BBQ competition out of the water. It’s been featured on dozens of BBQ social media sites across the south and the customer couldn’t be happier.

To the right you’ll see some images of the completed job and below you’ll find some wireframe views of the 3d project in Cinema 4d.


    Jonesy Q

  • DATE:

    May 2019


    Wrap, 3d Rendering