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From sketch to wrap

Gary Haygood

A vehicle wrap worthy of an architect.

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Gary is a landscape architect. He visits his clients, talks with them about what they want to do with their yard or outdoor space, and then breaks out the pencil and paper and gets to work. The spaces he creates for his customers are unrivaled, and his sketches and designs are a work of art. I wanted to make sure we incorporated that into his wrap.

We went through several revisions together ranging from the amount of coverage his vehicle would be wrapped, to exactly how the design would appear. This didn’t need to look like any old landscaping company – this needed to represent the hard work he puts into his craft, the architectural chops he brings with him, and a level of professionalism that would build confidence with even the most elite clients. I ended up using a high resolution scan of one of his architectural drawings and made sure that the rest of the vehicle followed the same look and feel.

In the end Gary had the approval of everyone he showed it off to and was very happy with the end result.


    Gary Haygood

  • DATE:

    February 2020


    Vinyl Wrap