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GTA Style Portraits

Trevor Philips

“I’m cranked out on speed most of the time, but I am productivity personified.”

Trevor Philips
  • Algorithm

    Stable Diffusion

  • Model

    Synthwave Punk

  • Prompts

    [image description] vivid color burst powder, vaporwave, miami, GTA, vector illustration, cartoon, summer

This series of images used photographs as references (as seen below). This is called img2img and can help the algorithm determine framing, composition, and give it a starting point closer to your desired result to start from – versus a blank canvas. The more descriptive you are about the original image’s contents, the closer your final result will be to the original image’s contents. I’m a fan of the Grand Theft Auto series, especially the artwork, and wanted to see what it would come up with for portraits in that style.