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Free Gas

The Oprah Show for free gas

Free Gas Friday

Positive social interactions

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Watson Quality Ford had been looking for a way to reach out to the community on social media. Free Gas Friday was invented to both provide the business with a positive community image as well as to treat the community with a surprise gift each week. We would simply drive around Jackson and when we spotted a vehicle with the drive-out sticker on the rear, we would stick our heads in whatever business it was in front of and give the owner a free gift card for gas worth $50.

The videos were shot using a GoPro on a gimbal for stability and the wide-angle lens to make sure everything inside smaller indoor spaces would be captured. The intro music is an original score made in Ableton Live and the video itself was edited in Adobe After Effects for arrangement, transitions, and color correction.

Over the course of 6 months or so Watson Quality Ford saw a massive increase in interaction with their Youtube channel and surges in their followers on Facebook. The overall social media strategy was considered successful.


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