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Footprint Farms Van Wrap

Fresh, pink, and eye-catching

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Cindy Ayers Elliott started Footprint Farms in 2010 in order to bring in agri-tourism for community development in the City of Jackson. She believes that planting seeds in the earth will grow fresh vegetables, however, planting a seed in the minds of young people will create a new universe of scholars. Armed with 68 acres and a pink painted school bus, Footprint Farms has grown considerably in the past decade and she came to us looking for a fresh and vibrant wrap for their new Transit van.

The pink bus was known for it’s color and it’s fresh vegetables and fruits – so that’s what I expanded on. A “full” wrap can sometimes be too much money, so I had to come up with an idea that would cover most of the van, but not look unfinished when it didn’t cover all of the van. I love the movement of this design, the colorfulness of the fresh produce, and the use of space on the rear and the sides. All in all I think it turned out great and so did Cindy.

Check out their website for more information on the good they’re doing for their community in Jackson and for ways to help support them.


    Footprint Farms

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    March 2021