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Doug White

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a Superbird!

Full Car Trailer Wrap

Someone left the back open!

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Doug approached us wanting his car trailer re-wrapped with a fun design. His previous trailer had featured one of his cars on the rear but he wanted it to look super-realistic and appear as if you were looking into the trailer and seeing the car inside. He has quite the collection of vehicles but really likes his Plymouth Road Runner Superbird, so that’s the one we chose to use. The sides feature his company’s logo and primary red color along with a waving American flag.

Setting up the rear meant getting dozens of high quality, high resolution photographs to work from. After settling on a photo it was upscaled using AI to ensure that it was clean and crisp even at 70+ inches. The inside of the trailer was created using Cinema 4d and rendered out at a 1:1 scale for maximum clarity. They were combined in Photoshop along with fixing any reflections that didn’t make sense, adding shadows under the vehicle that would make sense, and giving it a natural bit of depth of field.

I love the way this one turned out and am really happy I’ll get to see it at all the local car shows and driving around town.


    Doug White

  • DATE:

    May 2021